About Fasa City

Fasa is a city 145 km south of Shiraz in Fars Province of Iran. Fasa is located between longitudes to and latitudes to . The capital city of this city district is Fasa City.

This city district is surrounded by Darab, Jahrom, Estahban, Zarin Dasht, and Shiraz City Districts. This City District, with the capital city of Fasa, has four districts and five cities.

The population of Fasa City District, based on the census of 2016, is 205187.

This city has a medical university, an Islamic Azad University, and a Payam-e-Nour University.

Source: Annual Statistics of Fars Province (published by the Organization for Management and Planning), and website of Fasa City Hall

About university

Fasa University of Medical SciencesFasa University of Medical Sciences was established in 1977 in an area of 750,000 square meters with a building area of 16,110 square meters as a rural medical center and only by accepting 14 medical students under the sContinue...

about Statics

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